Expansion: Discovery Mode

“Beauty, wherever we find it, is the salve that keeps us vital and fresh. But truth, in its uncompromised and naked story, no matter how harsh, has a Beauty all its own that is cleansing.” – Mark Nepo

Three months in, and it’s still befitting to wish anyone reading this a Happy New Year! Since we are here and it’s moving ever aggressively, we might as well make the best of things. That leads me to jump right into the next discovery phase of my life: Expansion. My main focus in this chapter will be expansion from within, discovering all those things that are already there that have gone unnoticed, or have been pushed to the side for whatever reason.

Per usual, I don’t have any resolutions, but I do have a mandate for my life and that is to find beauty (art) in all things. No matter the state I find myself in, I am challenged to seek out the whole picture. Even in “going through” there is a period you stop and realize that if you are going through, then, too, you must be coming out. That is the whole picture; that is wholeness!

This type of discovery is beautiful. It uncovers the beauty of life. It photographs life’s most priceless moments to our memory banks; it transcribes its wisdom on our hearts. Let it be beautiful…

I welcome you to join me on, yet, another journey!

With Peace & Love,

Jonas T. Cottingham


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