“I’m sick of sissies,” boasts this loving, God-fearing Christian in the video above in what seems to be just another church service. Though captured decades ago, this kind of abuse is still witnessed today, all in the name of God.

And just in case you’re wondering what she means by being “sick of sissies”  allow me to share with you what comes to mind. “I’m sick of sissies” = I’m sick of the creative geniuses who compose, arrange, perform, and direct most of the church’s music; I’m sick of some of the talented individuals who make us feel beautiful leaving the salon; I’m sick of the meticulous visionaries who head fashion houses all over the world for us to adorn ourselves; I’m sick of the owner of the construction company who helped to erect this edifice; I’m sick of the only young man who holds a door for me to walk through; I’m sick of the young man who neglects school to travel with the Bishop because he’s been made to feel that is God’s (only) will for his life; or the doctors, lawyers, policemen, teachers, atheletes…………….because, really, what DOES a “sissy” look like? I may not have a definite answer to that question, but I can guarantee you that it says “amen” just like the next person.

I would offer that this kind of abuse must stop, but I’m beyond the passive approach. WE have to stop. We have to stop financing people who abuse us in the name of love.That is anything but love. We have to stop desiring membership where we are denied civility. That is anything but membership. And where to from there? Well, stopping something is always a good place to start anew. Start finding spaces where you are affirmed and of immense value beyond stereotypical talents/gifts. Yes, be proud of your creative agency, but know that you can be more than that if you so choose. Start loving yourself in a way that it embarrasses you. Strength comes from love; that kind of force is hard to combat. You still may come across those who confess to be “sick of sissies,” but know that you are someone special. You are enough & don’t you ever forget that!



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